Flagship Longblocks

Flagship Longblocks

FLI respects that the heart of any vehicle is the source of power to make it go, the engine. FLI offers the engine as Flagship or Standard Longblocks. FLI hand picks all parts used in each package along with subcontractors if necessary. These subcontractors are very sharp knives in FLI’s network and FLI stands behind them.

FLI defines a Flagship Longblock with oil sump pan, valve cover(s) and timing equipment, using the best of the best that FLI offers at that given point.

FLI defines a Standard Longblock to include a complete Shortblock bolted to the head(s), valve cover(s) and oil sump pan.

FLI defines a Shortblock to include; pistons, rods, crankshaft, bearings fully assembled blueprinted in the block case(s).

All FLI Flagship or Standard Longblocks can be combined with any intake manifold, fuel, ignition, intake and exhaust system, engine wire harness options but are NOT included.

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