Plug & Play Tuck Engine Harnesses

Plug & Play Tuck Engine Harnesses

FLI has been building high quality, very aggressive street cars for almost two decades. Where most shops focus on power only, FLI has always thought about the car as a complete package.

A common overlooked trait when building street cars is how hard it really is. When building a real race car, you get to start from scratch and with proper planning and professionals who can achieve your chassis, power plant, drivetrain, electronics, wiring, suspension, wheels and rubber needs much more easily then starting with a street car. With street cars, you have things like emissions, authorities, laws, OEM design, OEM electronic modules and of course OEM wiring.

Given the age of cars out there and all the electrical tampering, weathering over the years it makes it hard to start adding sensitive electronics like stand alone ECU’s, dashes without finding existing electrical issues. Not to mention using multiply sensors doubling gauges with different readings and a bunch of lights that no one looks at.

FLI has come up with a streamlined “plug and play” solution for people who not only want to maximize the OEM fuse box, OEM ECU pins, OEM chassis harness but also expandability for additional sensors, auxiliary outputs and unique clever control needed in there custom engine, drivetrain, suspension or braking package.

Time to get rid of your old OEM messy engine harness with a motorsport grade slim to fit harness for a very nice appearance and most important proper 2020 function.

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