Fuel System Front

Fuel System Front

FLI defines “Front Fuel System” as from the fire wall forward to the engine. Stock OEM fuel lines or FLI’s “Stage 1-2 Rear Fuel System” are used from the fuel tank to the firewall, then custom lines from the firewall to the fuel injectors. This ranges mostly using Goodridge crimped fittings and G810, 910 fuel line, custom bent hard lines or ethanol safe rubber with push lock fittings in some cases.

FLI hand picks each fitting and line used in every system and crimps every kit or custom bends in house. This custom tailored service takes time, patience and precision. FLI believes that you should ALWAYS over build the fuel system on any fuel injected engine combined with not using to large of an injector on street engines to maintain a somewhat reasonable fuel mileage.

FLI uses Goodridge (UK), Radium Engineering (US), Roger Clark Motorsport (UK), Bosch (Germany), Denso (Japan) and a few other pump manufactures to supply the best of what FLI believes as an efficient fuel system for each specific engine.

FLI intentionally does not pick flashy or colorful parts to catch eyes. We stand by the “Form Follows Function” mentality especially living in California.

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