FLI Flagship SR20VE(T) Long Block


  • Hand picked parts assembled to a very high level.
  • Built to order, 3-6 months.
  • Engine Core is REQUIRED.


Part Number: FLISR20VETS2.5LB

FLI has seen many power systems over the 20+ years of business. We not only have seen these power systems but we created, tested and provided an end product to the customer after we custom map the controls on our chassis dyno. Online calculators are great for a start but there are MANY factors that have been overlooked which cannot be adjusted without the end result or experience. Each part of the power system we create goes through our own in house evolution of efficiency. Meaning, if we come across a better part or combination of parts for a better outcome, we change them. As technology increases product availability, FLI usually raises our standards. The end goal is to provide the best product for the customers needs.

FLI does not build our engines in house anymore. We understand the importance of being an expert and we do not have the time or space to be an expert in engine building. However, FLI has partnered with a few experts around the world who does hold this class on specific platforms. FLI ALWAYS chooses the parts, build quality and port sizing via flow data which is why we call it an FLI Spec product. An FLI Flagship product is the best of the best we came up with. You cannot get these products anywhere but from FLI.

We carefully choose the parts and labor combination on our Long Blocks to ensure a high level of Volumetric Efficiency to match the power package, fuel, ignition and electronics package.

Contact FLI for a COMPLETE POWER PACKAGE BUILD including wiring harnesses, fuel, ignition, exhaust and power systems.

This Nissan SR20VET Flagship long block offers high level of engineering specifically for either force induction applications. Response and high flow at higher RPM’s are key to these engines.

Prices are subject to change given the world we live in now.


Confirmed Applications

Any chassis to accept an SR20 engine

Technical Specifications


  • Billet Crankshaft
  • Kelford or Tomei camshafts
  • Ferrea or Supertech valve train components
  • CNC valve job
  • New guides
  • CNC head porting with hand finish
  • Crower USA or JUN forged rods
  • JUN, CP or JE forged pistons
  • Tomei head gasket
  • Main studs
  • ARP or JUN head studs
  • JUN, Tomei or Nismo oil pump
  • Sequential Trigger kit
  • Adjustable Cam gears
  • Darton Sleeves

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in


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