RCM’s NEW 4 Stage Dry Sump System EJ20/22/25 RCM3175



Part Number: RCM3175

A key concern with any Subaru EJ engine, which has been tuned for performance or race use, is that of a reliable oil supply. A Dry Sump System can offer levels of safety and reliability which cannot be achieved when utilsing a standard or even baffled wet sump configuration.

The RCM system completely scavenges the crankcase, which dramatically reduces the residual oil left in the crankcase and ensures the maximum amount of oil is returned back to the tank at all times.

This dry sump system can deliver a far more consistent oil pressure to the engine, eliminating the oil starvation issues which are associated with the flat 4 boxer type engine configuration. In addition to this the increased scavenge effect in the crankcase improves the ring to bore sealing properties.

This latest generation 4 Stage RCM dry sump system has been developed with world renowned motorsport engineering specialist Auto Verdi Racing. With multiple NASCAR titles alongside other major championship series already won using Auto Verdi components, this kit provides the same level of performance for your engine as those competing at the very highest level of motorsport.

Throughout the 15 year history of our RCM Gobstopper race car programme our technicians have utilised the benefits offered by dry sump oiling systems on the Subaru engine platform. Constantly striving for perfection through extensive testing and development to ultimately improve both the performance and reliability of these systems has now culminated in the release of this new RCM 4 Stage Dry Sump System.

By incorporating 3 ultra-efficient scavenge stages and 1 pressure stage neatly packaged in a comprehensive and convenient layout specific to the EJ engine range we are confident our system not only provides the best in Subaru oiling performance but the most user friendly installation on the market too! The RCM system can easily be installed without the requirement to remove the engine from the car too!

When used in conjunction with the RCM Dry Sump Under Bonnet Installation Kit (GC8 only), the RCM Dry Sump kit offers unrivaled performance and reliability.

Technical Specification

– Auto Verdi dry sump oil pumps offer more than just enough oil flow and pressure to your race engine. With lower internal friction losses they take less power away from your engine to run at maximum horsepower. The free horsepower and best available vacuum give your engine every advantage. Use this extra horsepower to get ahead of the competition.
– Housings and scavenge rotors are made out of a very rigid high quality aircraft aluminium alloy. The material allows for a very tight machining tolerances without distortion under maximum loads. The aluminium parts are anodized before PTFE-coating to make for better adhesion.
– Pressure gears are made out of the same quality steel as transmission gears. They are very hard and precision ground to withstand long cycle periods. A Balanit C coating is also applied for minimum friction.
– Auto Verdi oil pumps have been proven in NASCAR to stand many 500-mile races without maintenance. The rigid construction of our oil pumps makes them very durable in any kind of racing.
– Optional spring kit for wide ranging pressure adjustment
– Ultra-efficient and powerful pump design means oil coolers can be installed on either the pressure or return lines
Supplied with everything required to install including billet RCM Oil pump delete cover, 2 port water pump with cast impeller, pressure hose, drive pulley and belt plus all installation fasteners and hardware.


Confirmed Applications

All Subaru EJ Series Engines.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in


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