Fine Line Imports

Fine Line Imports specializes in servicing and enhancing Japanese imports—specifically Nissan, Subaru and models. We are extensively trained to repair, maintain and improve the performance of your ride! Come to us for custom-tailored engine, transmission and drivetrain rebuild packages, alongside OEM services and comprehensive tuning.

Maximize Your Import’s Performance

Your car’s performance depends entirely on how you care for it. If you’re looking to unlock more horsepower, better fuel economy or increased boost, the first step is visiting Fine Line Imports for precision tuning. Not only do we take a quantitative approach to vehicle optimization, we have high-tech hardware and a full inventory of aftermarket parts to make sure your car gets exactly what it needs.

Our specialty is performance engines in Santa Rosa, CA. We build and install all our engines—as well as transmissions, engine heads, suspension kits, brakes kits and standalone ECUs—in house. With access to a full inventory of OEM and aftermarket parts, we’ve got everything necessary to take your car’s performance up a notch.

  • Full Performance Packages

    We carry full performance packages for Nissan and Subaru models. Each of our custom flagship packages is selected by in-house experts, to optimize your car’s performance.

  • Specialty Parts

    We also have a well-stocked inventory of specialty parts, to ensure the very best in aftermarket upgrades and custom modifications.

  • On-site Installation

    All performance parts and packages are fully installed on-site at our shop, by well-qualified experts—complete with DYNO tuning.

  • ASE Certified

    We’re a Motul fluids provider and our staff is ASE certified, to ensure we’re delivering best-in-class products and workmanship.

  • Full Service Solutions

    We’re your destination for complete maintenance solutions, including oil changes, factory-scheduled service, suspension work and more.

Optimize Your Ride

Already have a performance engine or custom aftermarket setup? Keep it maintained and properly calibrated with DYNO tuning! Our shop is home to the only four-wheel drive chassis dynamometer in the county. This gives us the unique ability to simulate road conditions up to 130mph, to map performance and measure torque and outputs in real-time. Thanks to our specialized equipment and years of industry experience, we’re the go-to partner for tuning for owners of track and performance cars in Santa Rosa, CA.

Our dedication to your vehicle runs deep. We take the time to deliver customized service and precision tuning for every unique vehicle. Our team is even available for routine maintenance services, to ensure prolonged performance and maximum benefits. If you’re driving a performance import, join our family today and make sure your vehicle gets the individualized, professional attention it deserves!

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Get better fuel economy, increased horsepower and better engine longevity with performance tuning! Schedule service with Fine Line Imports today to optimize your ride!

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