RCM Billet Air Conditioning Delete Kit


  • Allows removal of air conditioning pump.
  • Saves both weight and space.
  • Complete kit which includes all necessary parts to complete installation.
  • Improves engine bay appearance.


Part Number: RCM1617

Our handy kit allows removal of the Air Conditioning pump by replacing the existing aluminium bracket (designed to hold both the alternator and air con pump).

After performance and reliability the next important factors when tuning your engine have to be “”saving weight”” and “”appearance””. Our Air Con Removal Bracket not only weights less than the original but it’s also much smaller and neater keeping a factory appearance to your engine bay. We also include a selection of new fixings to mount the bracket to your engine block and to also support the alternator.

With the Air Conditioning System removed a substantial amount of weight can be removed, aiding performance and improving the look of your engine bay.

Confirmed Applications

  • All Impreza turbo’s from 1992-2007 (including LHD, JDM and US specification vehicles).
  • All Subaru Forester Turbo’s from 1998-2007 (includes STI and STB models)

Technical Specifications

  • X1 Steel Industrial Powder Coated Alternator Mounting Bracket.
  • X3 Genuine Mounting Bracket To Engine Bolts.
  • X1 Alternator Support Bolt.
  • X1 Safety Lock Washer.
  • X1 Support Bolt End Clamp.
  • X1 Alternator Bracket Bolt.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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