FLI’s 02-07 WRX/STI/FXT custom battery cabling for lay down battery


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FLI has been building high quality, very aggressive street cars for almost two decades. Where most shops focus on power only, FLI has always thought about the car as a complete package.

A common overlooked trait when building street cars is how hard it really is. When building a real race car, you get to start from scratch and with proper planning and professionals who can achieve your chassis, power plant, drivetrain, electronics, wiring, suspension, wheels and rubber needs much more easily then starting with a street car. With street cars, you have things like emissions, authorities, laws, OEM design, OEM electronic modules and of course OEM wiring.

It is common to have a smaller battery then the factory Subaru version when modifying your car. If you need space for a front mount intercooler pipe or if you have a light weight racing battery that sits flat, you will need to modify or create custom battery cabling. FLI has done this for you.

FLI offers two versions, lay down battery and standard style battery cabling. These motorsports grade cables are very nicely routed with high quality mounting ends from the battery to the starter along with ground.

Confirmed Applications

  • 02-07 STI/WRX/FXT with lay down mounting battery in stock location (post facing forward)

Key Features

  • Digitized Professional motorsport grade materials and build quality using;Raychem System 25 materials, molded boots, DR25 heatshrink, Spec 55A wire, RT125 epoxy, concentrically twisted for maximum flexibility and durability
  • Compatable with standard battery or smaller lay down style
  • Durable, very nicely routed and creates more space in engine bay
  • Complete wire diagrams including pinouts
  • Cirrus Tested with documentation, every harness is hipot tested to the highest standard (IPS/WHMA-A-620B Class 3)

Additional Information

  • All harnesses are built to order, usually 4-6 weeks if not in stock

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 in


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