Emtron Stand Alone ECU’s



FLI sells and supports factory and aftermarket automotive computers. This is one of our sharpest knives here at the shop because our co founder / owner of the shop leads this department. Again, every ECU is hand picked for a reason for a customer. Only when FLI feels the factory ECU is not performing as it was intended or should be for the modifications performed, do we sell and support stand alone ECU’s. The idea behind stand alone ECU’s are that they were designed to optimize control and offer many creative ways to handle engines’ and supporting parts. FLI is factory trained by every stand alone ECU supported to ensure proper calibration is performed.

When a more efficient ECU solution is available for your project, FLI takes advantage of this which in the end gives the customer the highest satisfaction and experience.

Emtron’s company mission is to provide the latest electronic components, architecture and technology in there ECU’s in an ever expanding effort to improve there processes, quality controls, and to deliver the finest hardware and software available anywhere in the world to end users.

The company is built on many years of engineering experience at both the hardware and user level, combined with a level of hands on tuning and racing experience that is rarely matched in the motorsports industry. They race what they build, and they are confident that after trying an Emtron ECU you’ll agree when they say no other engine management solution in the world offers as much power, flexibilty and performance you’ll get in a price range even double what ours cost.

Confirmed Applications

  • Contact FLI for your custom plug in and wire in Stand Alone ECU package

Key Features

  • Emtron has a range of high end engine management systems designed for a market that requires uncompromising flexibility
  • Made in Australia

Additional Information

  • Contacting FLI for pricing and support

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 in


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