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FLI sells and supports factory and aftermarket automotive computers. This is one of our sharpest knives here at the shop because our co founder / owner of the shop leads this department. Again, every ECU is hand picked for a reason for a customer. Only when FLI feels the factory ECU is not performing as it was intended or should be for the modifications performed, do we sell and support stand alone ECU’s. The idea behind stand alone ECU’s are that they were designed to optimize control and offer many creative ways to handle engines’ and supporting parts. FLI is factory trained by every stand alone ECU supported to ensure proper calibration is performed.

When a more efficient ECU solution is available for your project, FLI takes advantage of this which in the end gives the customer the highest satisfaction and experience.

For 60 years Cosworth pushed the boundaries of what’s possible within Powertrain and Electronics technology. Experience that has enabled them to continuously innovate with each project, building on there ability to solve problems that in the past were unachievable. It’s what empowers them today to deliver a competitive advantage for our clients on road, track or in the sky.

Confirmed Applications

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Key Features

  • Cosworth has been at the forefront of Powertrain success in motorsport since 1958, including over 170 F1 wins with there radical DFV engine and decades of IndyCar dominance. Plus, for nearly 50 years they have been designing and building road car engines, as well as spearheading data analysis and electronics hardware since the 80’s. And, at the heart of these innovations sits one connected development process: perfected to deliver against the rigours of motorsport.
  • Motorsport will always be in Cosworth’s DNA, and today there’s hardly a race track or series in which our technology is not used. Today, there unique methodology is ideally suited to development of modern automotive solutions. And, gives them the flexibility to refine a product at any stage in its development, find new ways to solve challenges, anticipate problems and have contingencies in place to reduce risk and improve speed to market.

Additional Information

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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 in


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