08-20 Subaru STI / 08-14 WRX Engine Sensor Adapters harnesses “plug and play” package


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FLI has been building high quality, very aggressive street cars for almost two decades. Where most shops focus on power only, FLI has always thought about the car as a complete package.

A common overlooked trait when building street cars is how hard it really is. When building a real race car, you get to start from scratch and with proper planning and professionals who can achieve your chassis, power plant, drivetrain, electronics, wiring, suspension, wheels and rubber needs much more easily then starting with a street car. With street cars, you have things like emissions, authorities, laws, OEM design, OEM electronic modules and of course OEM wiring.

This product was designed to use with our Small or Large gauge packages or Stand Alone ECU packages. Use your existing engine bay wiring to convert OEM sensors not being used anymore (TGV’s and MAF with IAT) to replace them with high quality motorsport sensors which FLI can supply.

Over the years, FLI has installed hundreds of aftermarket gauges which cost respectable money and labor for a nice install and function. Years ago, we performed a test on real race car drivers to see if they actually look at all the different gauges, warning lights and actual alarms. We were surprised to find out they did not. This was when we searched for an alternative solution on engine health and drivers needed monitoring. FLI choose to partner up with Cosworth / Pectel due to there long history and quality of there electronics. These are some of the nicest well built, configurable electronics on the market usually found on race cars.

FLI incorporated the Cosworth ICD (6.2”), CDU (4.3”) or Omega D4 dashes into a plug and play unit with full custom FLI pages and alarms. Every sensor wired to the ECU are broadcasted via CAN to the ICD. This way you have one set of sensors which the ECU reads from and can utilize.

FLI also recently released a few new dash options; Emtron ED5 or ED7 Dash and Plex Tuning which is based out of Greece. Emtron Engine Management and Plex Tuning both employ a team of engineers who provide a motorsports quality dash with progressive features at a reasonable price. Emtron dash options are the 5” ED5 or 7” ED7. Both communicate via CAN to the Emtron Key Pad or ECU.

Plex dash options include; a 5” or 7” dash replacement options as well which communicate via CAN to the ECU on a separate harness made by FLI. This way you wire all your sensors to the ECU and it broadcast the readings to these digital displays. Alarms are set up to ease driver awareness BEFORE the engine fails and gives the driver the information they need to win a race. Not only does this save engines, but it saves your investment.

Confirmed Applications

  • 08-20 STI, 08-14 WRX US Spec

Key Features

  • Digitized Professional motorsport grade materials and build quality using;Raychem System 25 materials, molded boots, DR25 heatshrink, Spec 55A wire, RT125 epoxy, concentrically twisted for maximum flexibility and durability
  • OEM plug and play adapter harnesses from the factory sensor plugs to aftermarket sensors
  • Complete wire diagrams including pinouts
  • Cirrus Tested with documentation, every harness is hipot tested to the highest standard (IPS/WHMA-A-620B Class 3)

Additional Information

  • Harness adapters use the OEM TGV’s, MAF with IAT plugs to convert to 5 volt motorsport sensors
  • FLI can supply Texense, Emtron, Link, Bosch motorsport grade sensors for additional cost
  • All harnesses are built to order, usually 4-6 weeks if not in stock

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in


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