The Holley’s Sniper EFI and Muscle Cars

The Holley’s Sniper EFI and Muscle Cars

November 14, 2022

The Holley’s Sniper EFI conversion kits are an electrical fuel injection conversion that, when installed, adds power and performance to your automobile. Adding several pounds per foot in power, the Sniper EFI can make your car more fun to drive and increase performance. You may wonder if you can add a Holley’s Sniper EFI conversion kits on older American muscle cars. This is a valid question, as many aftermarket conversion kits are designed for newer automobiles. Luckily, the Sniper EFI can be installed on older muscle cars.

Installing an EFI on Your Muscle Car

An advantage of these types of modifications is they are designed to be easy to install with minimum hassle. They are designed to work with existing lines, gauges, and fittings. It is also a return-less system that does not require a return line. The only things you need to add (in addition to the EFI kit itself) are an O2 sensor and a coolant temp.

The installation process for an EFI includes the following options for how the unit is installed.

  • As many muscle cars are aging, replacement of the fuel tank will likely be needed. This can be accomplished by buying a factory reproduction or making use of Holley’s factory-style EFI conversion fuel tanks. With the all-in-one design, this process is easy and simple.
  • Some projects do require more specific work, however. If your tank doesn’t have a drop-in module, there are ways to installSniper EFI the EFI conversion. This is accomplished by using a cutout hole on the top of the fuel tank and installing the kit inside the fuel tank. This internal installation also performs well and can improve pump temperature.
  • For more racing-type configurations, an external installation could be preferable over an in-tank installation. This makes for easy servicing and clean-up. They also allow for multiple fuel pumps when using a customized system.
  • More specialized installation options, such as breathless pumps and cell pumps, are available, but these tend to be more for the racing crowd than street drivers. However, they are interesting options.

The Advantages of the Holley’s Sniper EFI

When added to a classic car, the Sniper EFI takes the place of the carburetor and adds not just increased power but other driving benefits. Once properly installed, you can look forward to easier starting, consistent driving performance, a smooth response, and better fuel efficiency. Reliable and efficient, the Sniper EFI adds a degree of performance that is sure to please drivers looking for optimized performance.




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