OEM Diagnostic Tools: Factory Software

OEM Diagnostic Tools: Factory Software

April 1, 2021

How do you know an aftermarket part will work with your vehicle? If you’ve been burned by an aftermarket upgrade that simply won’t work with your car’s computer systems, it can be a frustrating and expensive mistake. Or maybe you’ve tried to service your own vehicle, only to find out that your diagnostic tools are not working properly. The only way to prevent this is to use OEM diagnostic software in Santa Rosa, CA.

It’s one thing to understand how to add aftermarket parts to your car—you might even be a trained technician—but you must have expensive, correct tools to properly service modern vehicles nowadays. Fine Line Imports has and uses this software for Subaru (Select Monitor), Nissan (Consult 3 Plus) and Mitsubishi (MUT III). Here’s why you need OEM diagnostic tools and factory software to service your cars.

Why do you need a diagnostic tool?

Today’s vehicles use complex on-board computer systems to regulate everything from fuel intake to exhaust. The best way to figure out what’s going on with your car is to use a tool that can scan those computer systems and analyze where the problem may lie.

Can’t you just use a universal diagnostic tool?

The short answer is no—OEM diagnostic tools vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and they don’t necessarily work with aftermarket parts and upgrades. In order to access all the information about your vehicle, you need the OEM factory software. That can get expensive when a shop services vehicles from a number of different manufacturers.

However, there are certain tools that work with a variety of manufacturers. A shop has to find a tool that works with their top vehicle brands—preferably one that allows them to view, fix and clear the codes. It should be able to include data integration and have the right connectors to work with your existing equipment. Ideally, it should also read the subsystems on the vehicles.

On top of that, the technicians need to be trained on how to use the tool. Most people assume that once you have the right diagnostic tool for the job, you can press a few buttons and be good to go. Unfortunately, technicians have to follow a specific sequence in order to get the right readings and results—otherwise, that $10,000 tool is not going to be effective.

If a shop can scan with a factory tool whenever possible, they’re more likely to find the problem, learn how to fix it and clear the problem code at the end of the repair. Some diagnostic tools can do this for multiple manufacturers, but it’s not a guarantee.

The more difficult your issue is to solve, the more likely OEM diagnostic software is necessary. Make sure you find a shop in Santa Rosa, CA that can work with your specific make and model, especially if you plan to use aftermarket parts.

If you have a Subaru, Nissan or Mitsubishi vehicle, Fine Line Imports has the OEM diagnostic software to help address your vehicle’s issues. Call us today to learn more.

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