STI Rotated Mount GT30R

STI Rotated Mount GT30R

January 22, 2020

FLI did something a little bit different with this project. FLI converted the OEM electronic throttle set up to a cable throttle set up. Parts were used from a 2004 Subaru WRX, which included the intake manifold, TGV Deletes, throttle body (with all sensors) and cable throttle set up. The reason why the customer wanted this conversion was to have the mechanical pedal feel and to run a Link G3 Plus stand alone ECU system (at the time Link did not make an Electronic Throttle ECU).

This intercooler system started out as an APS DR725 front mount intercooler kit. The piping has brackets to bolt down, to eliminate any movement during high boost situations. The intake manifold, TGV deletes, and the intercooler piping have been powder coated Wrinkled Titanium Flat Grey. FLI and the customer are very happy with the final product. Not only is the intercooler piping secure, and shortened by 3-4 feet in overall piping length, but the color adds to the cosmetic features of the car.

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