FLI Stage 4 Closed Deck

FLI Stage 4 Closed Deck

April 2, 2019

This engine produces 456 whp with 22 psi of boost from a custom FLI GT35 single scroll turbo kit. The custom FLI up pipe bolts to an APS header, FLI custom V Banded flange to the APS 3.5 inch turbo back exhaust and the APS rotated mount cold air intake.

The intake manifold is a plastic Subaru Legacy GT fitted with the LGT throttle body and FLI’s custom reverse intake manifold front mount intercooler (RFMIC) piping which has been powdered coated. The shortblock consist of the FLI stage 4 closed deck process, built with 100mm forged pistons, forged connecting rods, Cosworth main and crank bearings and factory crankshaft. The heads have been ported and polished with a multi angle valve job (FLI stage 3) with Cosworth 264 degree camshafts.

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