What Is Dyno Tuning in Santa Rosa, CA?

What Is Dyno Tuning in Santa Rosa, CA?

February 14, 2019

If you’re interested in performance engines or alternative means of tuning your engine, you might have heard of dyno tuning before. This process is used to give vehicles a tune-up the likes of which they’ve never had before, to provide the smoothest, highest quality and most economical performance possible from the vehicle.

Here’s an overview of what’s involved with the process:

  • Vehicle audit:
    The first step of dyno tuning is to perform a thorough audit of all the vehicle’s systems. Determine if the vehicle has any current pain points or problems you need to address, such as poor gas mileage, lack of power, pinging, hard starting or otherwise. This will help you determine the exact steps you need to take moving forward.
  • Engine compression:
    After the mechanic discusses the vehicle’s performance with the owner and performs a detailed vehicle audit, the next step is to check the engine compression to see if the engine is mechanically sound or if there are any fundamental issues that must be resolved before further tuning can occur. Some of the most obvious problems that can come up during this inspection include broken vacuum lines, an excessively dirty air filter or some sort of leak.
  • Spark plugs:
    Based on the analysis of the engine, sometimes spark plug replacement is needed. Usually, they should be changed either 30,000 or 60000 miles.
  • Dynamometer:
    The final step is to place the vehicle on the dynamometer, with its driving wheels on top of the driving rollers. Here, the vehicle will be tested with the engine running in gear and under different speeds and loads. During these tests, mechanics track the performance of the engine, comparing the horsepower transmitted by the drive wheels to the amount of vacuum in the engine.

This is just a simple overview of what’s involved in the process of dyno tuning service in Santa Rosa, CA. For more information about how you can get the most out of performance engines, or to schedule an appointment for dyno tuning, we encourage you to contact the team at Fine Line Imports today.

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