Stocking and Supporting Oil Filters and Magnetic Drain Plugs

Stocking and Supporting Oil Filters and Magnetic Drain Plugs

February 6, 2023

The engine needs primary protection as the critical component of the vehicle, responsible for generating its power to move. Helpful in that vein are magnetic drain plugs with the capacity to pull harsh particles out of the oil. Some skeptics still wonder about the benefits of magnetic drain plugs.

What Are Magnetic Drain Plugs?

These parts are essentially small magnetized bolts made of aluminum with the magnet attached by glue. They are found most commonly on a few cars and “crankshaft” bikes sitting in the rear crankcase. The magnet pulls ferrous particles found in oils to the plug.

The price point is higher than the standard drain plugs, but the magnetic drain plugs are worth the investment due to the amount of debris they can pull from the oil.

While typical magnetic drain plugs boast of being superior, the higher-quality options use neodymium magnets. These are considered the most powerful magnets in the market.

The magnet efficiency makes them perfect for pulling minuscule ferrous particles. These are capable of the most damage.

The magnetic drain plugs allow the oil to flow more freely after particles are removed, allowing engine efficiency and extended longevity. Sludge settling on the plug will indicate to the driver the amount of metal “worn off in the engine.”

Where Can You Find High-Quality Magnetic Drain Plugs?

If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your engine, the magnetic drain plug is an ideal option and well worth its price point. The recommendation is to avoid the cheapest products because that usually equates to the least quality options.

Reputed, well-established manufacturers offering steel drain plus will provide optimum efficiency. Among the leaders in the industry is FLI. According to the company, they stock and support:

“HKS and Greddy (built-in magnetic for metal collection), JDM STI Pink (made in Japan), Roger Clark Motorsports (made in Japan), OEM filters for Subaru (EJ and FA), Nissan (SR, RB, and VQ) and EVO’s (4B11, 4G63).”

The business further supplies oil analysis via Blackstone Labs and cuts open for visual inspection. All parts sold and manufactured are hand-picked to support the aim of making quality the primary goal for the business.

Why You Should Consider Magnetic Drain Plugs

Magnetic drain plugs are ultimately worth it for their efficiency and effectiveness in pulling ferrous particles from oil. These parts are relatively affordable and simple to fit since they merely sit in place of the standard drain plug. The least costly option is an aluminum material with a magnet glued to the bolt.

The neodymium magnet attached to a stainless steel drain plug is more of an investment but worth the price point. You can recognize potential problems within the engine by examining the metal particle residue on the plug. The amount on the plug could be a red flag to see a mechanic for an engine check.

A magnetic drain plug could save engines that don’t receive regular oil changes from potential damage by filtering the metal debris. Pulling these harmful particles could save much trouble and expense with engine problems.

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