FLI’s Support Older Muscle Vehicles Converted to Fuel Injection

FLI’s Support Older Muscle Vehicles Converted to Fuel Injection

December 12, 2022

It took a while for muscle car enthusiasts to finally convert, but now Fine Line Imports is a popular option for our once-carbureted four-wheeled rides of steel and sex appeal. Now, those beloved muscle cars are no less hot but more streamlined, at least in terms of fuel injection.

FLI Supports Custom In-House Dyno Tuning

Muscle cars today are also getting smarter, so maybe you can teach old dogs new tricks after all. That is because, with in-house Dyno Tuning, FLI systems can support a variety of different fuel injection conversion kits, including fuel injection software and ECUs.

One example of this is evidenced in Holley’s new Sniper EFI. Complete with a built-in interface and user-friendly touchscreen, it only adds another dimension to Dyno Tuning capabilities. Combined with ECM’s self-learning, this is an excellent exhibit of how custom in-house Dyno Tuning can be used to work with and improve every aspect of your vehicle’s performance.

The Conversion Question

It has always come down to the question of power and performance, and now the data and results, with data from fuel injection ECUs have delivered the answers. Can fuel injection conversion kits compare to the power and performance of carburetors in muscle cars?

Across the board, Dyno Tuning is comparable to carburetor output and performance. Another example of FLI’s support for older muscle vehicles that have converted is in the Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4. Again, it proved up to the task in performance tests while offering more control and insights into vehicle power and performance.

Fuel Injection conversion kits that utilize Dino Tuning are the best of both worlds. Yes, the results are in, and FLI offers many benefits and advantages. Another attractive feature is that they are also fairly easy to install and use.

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