Why You Should Always Buy Your Auto Parts From a Trusted Source

Why You Should Always Buy Your Auto Parts From a Trusted Source

May 25, 2022

The automotive industry is one of the biggest consumer industries in the world. Because of this, there is also the risk of counterfeit parts making their way into the market. In fact, the risk is so high that the worth of counterfeit parts is about to exceed the annual GDP of Brazil, Italy, or Canada. While there are measures in place to curb such behavior, unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers still find loopholes to ensure that such parts get onto the market. In addition to that, consumers are often extorted in terms of prices. For instance, a trim piece that may have cost around $5 to make can carry a 5000% premium when one is buying at a retail counter.

Here is what to look out for when buying parts online to ensure you are getting quality products.


While there are many car parts manufacturers and suppliers, not all of them sell counterfeit parts. Start by doing your research. One of the easiest ways to know that a manufacturer or supplier is legit is through their online reputation. Check what other people are saying about a certain company before buying anything. If there are constant complaints, be careful. Another tip that you are dealing with counterfeit parts is ridiculously low prices. Get to know the market value of a part and check suppliers that are close to that figure.

Verify Details

Always verify the warranty and return policy of a part. Often you will buy a product only to find it is defective. But without a return policy, you are stuck with a part that cannot help you and wasted money. Manufacturers that trust their products will have no problem issuing a warranty. Always read the fine print when buying car parts online. A supplier may have low prices but also a not-so-great return policy.

Buying Rare Parts In Person

There is a bigger risk of counterfeit parts in high-end models, hybrid vehicles, and classics. Because the auto parts for these vehicles are rare, counterfeits are plenty. So, when buying such parts, always go to the seller physically and ensure you are given genuine parts.

There is a huge risk of using counterfeit products in your car. Their quality is poor, and these parts have not been made to meet regulatory standards. They have simply been made to interact with other vehicle parts without considering that they will be subjected to challenging conditions such as temperature, speed, and different road surfaces. These parts will not hold well, and this can lead to serious accidents. That is why you need to be vigilant and look up tactics to avoid counterfeit auto parts.

While at it, you should also know the difference between genuine parts, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, after-market parts, and used car parts. Understanding what you are buying narrows down your choices and allows you to budget appropriately.

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