Fine Line Imports Announces Partnership with BraidUSA

Fine Line Imports Announces Partnership with BraidUSA

April 30, 2021

Fine Line Imports is proud to become a licensed vendor for BraidUSA wheels. We know that each of our clients have unique needs when it comes to the components of their car, and wheels are a way to customize your ride and achieve maximum performance for the street, off-roading or racing.

BraidUSA wheels are known for their durability and quality. They’re the last wheels you’ll ever need for any performance car in Santa Rosa, CA, using the latest technology and manufacturing methods to provide superior results for every customer. You’ll have peace of mind that you’re making a smart investment in your vehicle. Below is just a sample of BraidUSA wheel collections we offer:

  • Porsche Collection: These wheels are custom designed for Porsches and are made to survive the rigors of competition and look great for everyday use on the street. Each set is made to order with quality finishes and a selection of weights that help you get the most from your vehicle.
  • Overland & Off-Road Collection: Looking to take your vehicle off road? We offer a wide range of wheels that stand up to the roughest terrain and overland use. You can specify hub bore and color and centerlock or mononut details to customize your wheels from this collection are extensively used on expedition and overland type vehicles.
  • Formula SAE Collection: This collection features wheels specially designed, developed and manufactured for Formula Student and Formula SAE competition vehicles. You can specify hub bore and color and centerlock or mononut details to customize your wheels.
  • Rally Collection: BraidUSA’s Rally Collection can be built to your specifications and are ideal for gravel rallies. They’re hubcentric with steel bolt hole inserts. Custom options include bead lock, lightweight machining, hub ring and center machining, dual drilled wheels and more.
  • Street: BraidUSA offers a wide range of wheels designed and produced for the street. They’re specifically made with spokes that don’t protrude from the edge, helping you avoid common collision problems with contiguous wheels during high-speed race battles.

What makes BraidUSA wheels unique?

BraidUSA wheels are truly a step up from the competition because each set is completely custom made. All wheels are fabricated in Spain using a CNC machine, so it’s possible to get custom sizes, offsets and colors. Wheels are a great feature that helps your ride stand out from the pack, and they also have a big impact on the performance of your vehicle. BraidUSA wheels are available in many different forgings and castings—no matter your specifications, we partner with BraidUSA to give you what you want. In most cases, your custom wheels are manufactured and shipped to your door in a matter of just a few weeks. See the difference custom made wheels can make for your ride.

Fine Line Imports provides a wide range of services for performance cars in Santa Rosa, CA, all under one roof. Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of your rally car or an off-roading vehicle, we help bring your vision to life with the best customer service you’ll find. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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