FLI’s Subaru Staged Suspension Packages

FLI’s Subaru Staged Suspension Packages

December 31, 2020

If you have a Subaru, you’ve probably noticed that the handling could be better. While Subarus are reliable, powerful imports, why settle for stock parts? With help from Fine Line Imports, you can adjust your Subaru’s performance and handling. Our staged suspension packages include everything you need to upgrade your vehicle. Fine Line Imports’ Subaru staged suspension packages are available to drivers in Santa Rosa, CA—read on to learn more about the kits, then stop by to find the right one for your vehicle. Once you’ve experienced upgraded handling, you’ll wonder how you went without it!

Upgrading your suspension

At its most basic, your car’s suspension is what keeps the tires connected to the road. It also ensures that no matter how you drive your car—whether it’s on the racetrack or the road, driving at breakneck speeds or a moderate pace—you do so in comfort. Your suspension also makes it possible to brake and accelerate quickly, with as little harm done to the vehicle as possible.

Your car’s suspension involves a multitude of different parts, all of which can be modified or upgraded for better performance. Depending on whether you want to be able to maneuver tight spots better, do some off-roading or just cruise around town, your suspension will directly contribute to how well you’re able to achieve those goals.

Upgrading your suspension allows you to get the absolute most out of your car, tailored for exactly the experience you want to have.

Why choose a suspension package?

If you have a Subaru STI 04-20 (04, 05-07, 08-14, 15-20), WRX (02-07, 08-14, 15-20), Forester XT’s (04-08, 09-13, 14-18, 19-20) or Subaru Legacy / OB XT (05-09, 10-12, 15-19), Fine Line Imports has a staged suspension package for you. We hand-pick each part from the most reputable companies so you’re guaranteed a great driving experience, no matter what your goals may be.

When you’re on the fence, consider this: Subarus need upgraded suspension to really improve handling. Upgrading the suspension allows you to customize your car for the type of driving you do most, so you get the most enjoyment possible. We have put together multiple suspension packages with different features. There are many available options, including lowering, stock height and 1-1.5” lift kits. In addition to suspension kits, we also create power, braking and chassis upgrades.

If you’re not sure what kind of suspension package you need, just stop in to Fine Line Imports. We can help you narrow down your choices based on your vehicle, driving needs and budget, so that you get exactly what you need. Many people are hesitant to upgrade their cars—we’ll walk you through the process and any concerns you have so you feel confident in your choice.

For Subaru staged suspension packages in Santa Rosa, CA, call or stop by Fine Line Imports today. We have a full inventory of aftermarket parts to maximize your car’s performance, and are glad to help you find the kits that will unlock your car’s potential.

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