Featured Partner: PTH Racing Oil

Featured Partner: PTH Racing Oil

November 5, 2020

Fine Line Imports is proud to partner with PTH Racing Oil. We choose our business partners carefully so we know we’re offering our customers the best products. If you need racing oil for high performance engines in Santa Rosa, CA, you can count on us, and you can count on PTH Racing Oil. Here is why we choose them among our featured partners.

The development of a true performance oil

For your everyday driver, stock engine oils are often enough, but high-performance and racing engines are pushed to their absolute maximum. In these cases, you need a higher-end oil that will protect components, especially upgraded ones.

Six years ago, PTH realized that as the high-performance oil market expanded, many products did not seem to meet their extravagant claims. This was a big issue, since upgraded components means drivers expect upgraded performance—but there were no products that helped drives meet these expectations.

So, PTH collected samples of products as they navigated through flashy marketing and exaggerated claims. They sent the samples to an independent laboratory that tested viscosity, cold cranking, API and anti-wear elements. Samples included racing oils but also high-performance conventional oils and well-regarded synthetics to collect good sample data. The results indicated that even racing oils were not true high-performance products.

Many products contained low-quality base oils to cut costs while charging a high-end price. Meanwhile, performance vehicles were not getting the lubrication required for their demand. That was when PTH focused on its own product development.

The PTH difference

The start of creating a true racing or high-performance oil is the base oil. Racing vehicles especially need a lubricant that holds up to the demand and maintains its properties even when torque and horsepower threaten to overcome it. Many racing oils on the market contain inadequate additives that cause oil to lose its protective power. The result was engine failure.

PTH uses a combination of two synthetic base fluids that includes synthetic esters, polyalphaolefin (PAO) and alkylated aromatics. Conventional oils contain differently sized molecules, while these higher-end oils offer more consistency. The result is molecules that create less friction as they collide, and that reduces heat and stress on the engine.

Other advantages include:

  • Better chemical stability
  • Noticeably better low and high temperature viscosity performance, even in extreme temperatures
  • Fewer oil sludge problems, less thermal breakdown and less oxidation
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Longer engine life
  • Protection against ash and other engine deposits
  • More torque and horsepower due to less drag on the engine

If you are looking to protect upgraded components, PTH Racing Oil is likely your best bet. As these upgrades are frequently expensive, you want to work with higher-end products, which will save you money and headaches in the long run, especially if you purchase them for a racing vehicle.

Fine Line Imports in Santa Rosa, CA is a proud partner with PTH Racing Oil. You can trust our knowledge and their racing oil for high performance engines to ensure your car runs its absolute best. Call us today to learn more or set up a maintenance or repair appointment.

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