Featured Partner: Emtron

Featured Partner: Emtron

November 19, 2020

If you live in Santa Rosa, CA and are considering different engine management systems for your car, you cannot go wrong with Emtron. We chose to partner with them due to their high-end engine management systems, and that is not something to take lightly. At Fine Line Imports, we do not partner with just anyone, and will not endorse products that are of substandard quality. Here is an overview of Emtron and why they are a featured partner.

The beginning

Emtron started developing engine management systems in 2013. The goal was to create a range of systems that offers flexibility and power without requiring consumers to constantly spend money on buying features already present in their hardware.

This goal was pursued by research and development that focused on control tables, data regarding OEM quality packages and the conditions these systems would most likely deploy. The hope was to come up with an effective product that cost less than what was currently offered in the market. Since most of these expensive competitor products did not stand up to the temperature and vibration that were common for these systems, Emtron already considered itself at an advantage.

Current engine management systems

The current line of engine management systems is based on years of engineering experience at the user level and hardware. It also considered racing experience, as most engineers and workers at the company actually race with Emtron products. This combination of well-designed blueprints with actual hands-on use allowed the company to build its own products.

Emtron’s KV series offers flexibility for many types of racing. It offers industry-leading I/O count that will make configuration easier and will not sacrifice vehicle performance. This product supports up to 16 channels of fuel and 12 channels of fully sequential ignition. The durable billet aluminum enclosure protects 64MB of permanent memory for onboard logging and oscilloscope function, DBW control, duel LUS4.9 Lambda controllers, dual digital knock control, high-speed ethernet communications and three axis G-force sensing.

The SL series builds upon the KV series and features the same processing power and logging capacity. Also housed in the billet aluminum enclosure, it is a lightweight package with a 68-pin connect system and high I/O count. The SL supports up to eight channels of sequential fuel and ignition, DBW control, dual digital knock control, high speed ethernet communications and three-axis G-force sensing.

Even with these great products, Emtron always seeks improvement. Dedicated to research and development, Emtron looks to provide the latest architecture and technology in each component and use the latest electronic parts.

Emtron also offers several plug-in kits, sensors, injectors, ignition parts and application builds to help you create a truly customized system. If you can install your system by working with an authorized Emtron dealer or partner, you will likely enjoy all the advantages offered by Emtron’s dedicated engineering.

Now that you know you can trust Emtron, take the opportunity to work with one of its partners! Fine Line Imports in Santa Rosa, CA offers high-end engine management systems for your car, with Emtron as a recommended brand. Call us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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