Do I Need to Inspect a Used Car Before Buying It?

Do I Need to Inspect a Used Car Before Buying It?

October 21, 2020

The short answer: yes. Used car inspections for buyers in Santa Rosa, CA are a crucial part of the car buying process. To gain a better understanding of how important a used car inspection is before making a purchase, review the following FAQ on inspections.

What is a used car pre-inspection?

If you are considering buying a used car, you can bring the vehicle to a licensed mechanic for an inspection. The technician will examine the vehicle and review its overall mechanical, safety and cosmetic condition. He or she can tell you about any concerns that currently exist with the systems of the vehicle, what you can expect from its performance both now and in the future and uncover any previous damage that may have occurred to the vehicle of which you should be aware.

What is the benefit of used car inspections for buyers in Santa Rosa, CA?

If you’re about to make a significant investment in a vehicle, you will want to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. A professional inspection by a trained mechanic will give you a good idea of what’s going on under the hood, so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the car is a good fit for your needs and is priced appropriately. If any issues are uncovered, you can use these to negotiate the price of the vehicle, or you may decide to pursue a different vehicle that has fewer mechanical concerns.

What is included in a used car inspection for buyers in Santa Rosa, CA?

A detailed inspection is best, as this will include both visual and mechanical reviews of the vehicle. The technician will examine the mechanical system, check for leaks or other issues, test-drive the car, assess the steering and braking, perform a safety inspection and determine if any damage has been done to the vehicle in the past. This thorough inspection will inform you of any major concerns with the vehicle that may affect your purchase decision or future maintenance.

Where can I get used car inspections for buyers in Santa Rosa, CA?

For used car inspections for buyers in Santa Rosa, CA, you should always go to a licensed and certified mechanic. In addition to proper training, the mechanic should have experience with the type of car you would like inspected. For example, Fine Line Imports in Santa Rosa, CA specializes in Japanese vehicles. Our shop is the go-to source for inspections of used Subaru, 350/370Z, Infiniti G35/G37, Mazdaspeed or Mitsubishi Evo cars.

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For reliable used car inspections for buyers in Santa Rosa, CA, contact the experts at Fine Line Imports. Family owned and operated, we’ve been the area’s premier Japanese vehicle service provider since 2001. We are experienced and trained to repair and maintain vehicles manufactured by Subaru, Nissan and more. We offer custom-tailored engine, transmission and drivetrain rebuild packages, OEM services and comprehensive tuning plans. Contact us today with any questions about your potential used vehicle purchase or to schedule your next inspection.

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