What You Need to Know About Fuel Injection

What You Need to Know About Fuel Injection

September 3, 2020

A fuel injector is an important part of an engine’s fuel delivery system. It is tasked with receiving and then spraying gasoline into the engine in mist form. These injectors are managed by the engine’s computer to ensure the proper amount of fuel delivery and the correct timing of injection. Each cylinder has one dedicated injector that sends that fuel into the engine.

Here’s an overview of what you should know about fuel injectors in Santa Rosa, CA.

Standard vs. direct fuel injection

Older fuel injectors feature a setup in which the injector sprays the fuel into the engine’s intake manifold, where the fuel and surrounding air mix before going into the combustion chamber for ignition.

Newer models, however, often feature direct injection systems, in which the injector sends the gas directly into the cylinder rather than into the intake manifold. This creates a more efficient engine and fuel usage, and helps provide better control over emissions while maximizing engine output, even in smaller engines.

What to know about fuel injector failure

It is possible for fuel injectors, like any other type of system in your vehicle, to suffer from malfunctions or failure. However, these are not items that experience ongoing wear and tear—just as it is possible for them to fail, it is also possible for them to last the full lifetime of your vehicle.

When failure does occur, it is most frequently due to issues with contaminants clogging up the injector, such as dirt, a low-quality or dirty fuel or a buildup of carbon. The injectors can be cleaned, but often get to a point where they’ll need to be replaced if they’ve been contaminated too long or too significantly.

Fuel injectors can also develop leaks if the rubber seals age and wear out, or can experience cracks in the injector itself. Seals can be replaced, but cracked injectors will require full replacement.

You’ll be able to tell if you’re dealing with a faulty injector if you start to notice more frequent issues with your engine misfiring. This occurs when one or more cylinders are not getting the fuel they need to help the engine run properly. You might feel like your engine is getting a lack of power, or experience a bit of a rough idle. It’s also possible that injector issues could result in the check engine light coming on. In some cases, you might smell fuel if the injector is still spraying and delivering fuel to the engine but also leaking slightly.

A failure to take proper action to correct fuel injector issues can be a significant safety risk, as leaking fuel or vapors could ignite. Clogged or dead injectors are not fire risks, but will result in inefficient operation or could cause a failure to start up the engine at all.

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