Why Should I Choose OEM Car Parts?

Why Should I Choose OEM Car Parts?

June 22, 2020

If you’re upgrading or repairing your car, you’ll often get the choice between aftermarket or OEM parts—those made by the “original equipment manufacturer.” OEM car parts are often the best choice in Santa Rosa, CA—here’s why you should consider choosing them for your next maintenance or upgrade project:

  • The perfect fit for your vehicle: If you go to a dealership to get your vehicle repaired, they’ll use OEM parts—that’s because using components specifically designed for your car means that they’ll fit perfectly. They’re the same as the parts your car was originally built with, so you don’t have to worry about a new part not functioning properly.
  • Best quality available: Since OEM parts are made for your car’s exact make and model, you know that they’ll function the way they were intended. Aftermarket products can also be of excellent quality, but if they’re even the slightest bit off, they will affect your vehicle’s performance. Using OEM parts ensures that you’re driving at peak capacity (at least as the manufacturer envisioned it).
  • Under a manufacturer’s warranty: Many OEM parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so if something goes wrong with your replacement part, you know you’ll be covered. In contrast, installing some aftermarket parts may void your car warranty—check your owner’s manual carefully, ask questions of your parts dealer and decide if the potential benefits are worth it.
  • Narrow down your choices: Finally, using OEM parts narrows down your choices, which is a great thing. Aftermarket parts offer a lot of options, but that can also make it difficult to decide which would be the right fit for your car. With OEM parts, there is only one choice to make, and you have the benefit of knowing it will function exactly as it should.

Should I avoid aftermarket?

What if you can’t get the OEM parts you need, or if there’s an aftermarket option that looks tempting? There’s nothing wrong with using aftermarket parts—in fact, Fine Line Imports specializes in aftermarket upgrades for vehicles. In many cases, they can be superior products at lower costs than OEM versions—about 60 percent lower, in fact. For that reason alone, many owners seek out aftermarket parts.

However, we recommend, if you’re not trying to optimize your car for a specific purpose, that you generally stick with OEM parts—you’ll benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty, the selection won’t overwhelm you and you’ll know exactly what’s going into your vehicle. This is especially important if you’re having your car repaired after a collision—you need to make sure that the parts fit your vehicle exactly. You’ll likely need to go to your dealership to acquire these parts.

Getting your car repaired at a shop in Santa Rosa, CA? Be sure to ask if they’re using aftermarket or OEM car parts—in many states, shops are not required to disclose what types of parts they’re using.

For more information about making aftermarket upgrades to your vehicle, or to check our stock, call the team at Fine Line Imports today.

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