Featured Partner: Roger Clark Motorsports

Featured Partner: Roger Clark Motorsports

January 22, 2020

Roger Clark Motorsport has a storied history in the world of tuners and rally racing, stretching back to 1991. RAC winner and British Rally Champion Roger Clark founded the shop to be a motorsport and product development hub, where automotive innovation could take root. And indeed it has! The shop has become a foremost authority on performance mods for the Subaru Impreza package, and it’s best known for its premier rally cars, known as Gobstopper I, II and III (pending).

From its headquarters in Hinckley, UK to our shop in Santa Rosa, CA, Fine Line Imports is pleased to provide our customers with the very best of the best innovations from Roger Clark Motorsport.

History of the Gobstoppers

If you follow the world of Time Attack racing or rally cars, it’s impossible not to know the Gobstopper cars. Models I and II have been tearing up tracks for more than two decades, and they’ve made Roger Clark Motorsport one of the world’s premier authorities on the track.

Gobstopper I hit the track in 2006, smashing Time Attack records and ringing up accolades at an unprecedented pace. Even today, it’s still one of the fastest rally cars in the world and the product of consistent innovations by the RCM team. See the famed Gobstopper in action here.

In 2010, Gobstopper II took the rally world by force, sporting a brand-new shell and the same under-the-hood wizardry from the RCM team. Like its predecessor, it quickly shot to the top of the pack and distinguished itself as the rally car to beat, winning such events as Time Attack 2014 and the Goodwood Festival of Speed (2015/2016). Check out the Gobstopper II winning run at GOS here.

2020 could be the year we see Gobstopper III. The car has been in the works for several years now, building on the innovations of models I and II. Little is known about the vehicle right now, but reports have it approaching 900+ horsepower, with totally custom shell design and a complete reinvention of the chassis. Check out a sneak peek at Gobstopper III here.

Performance parts and innovation

Roger Clark Motorsport may be best known for its Gobstopper builds, but the shop itself is where rally car innovation is born. Fine Line Imports is proud to source Subaru aftermarket performance parts direct from RCM, supplying our customers with some of the best products in the industry.

From engine and power parts, to body and chassis components, to brakes, lighting, drive chain and electrical parts, we have full access to RCM’s complete line of industry-defining parts and kits. A dealer since 2017, we’re well-equipped to help you get the parts you need, and install and calibrate them to enhance the performance of your Subaru.

Whether you’re building your own garage Gobstopper or modding your rally car to squeeze every last lick of power out of it, it starts with innovative parts. In the world of rally racing, no one does it better than Roger Clark Motorsport. Best of all, you don’t have to put in an international order to get the best of the best components—just come to Santa Rosa, CA and visit Fine Line Imports for the hookup!

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