The Importance of Proper Engine Builds

The Importance of Proper Engine Builds

September 9, 2019

How important is a proper engine build? That depends. If you want a reliable, powerful and economical vehicle, then it’s very important. To achieve this level of performance, a performance car center in Santa Rosa, CA can complete an engine build on your vehicle.

Should you invest in a proper engine build for your vehicle? Here’s an overview of the process to help you determine if this is a good investment for your transportation needs.

Enhanced Performance

When you purchase a car from a manufacturer, it is delivered with a standard engine. It has been designed to provide a specific amount of horsepower and reliability. It is also built with a specific price point in mind for general market sale.

While these specs might be “good enough,” you may want something a bit different for your vehicle. This is where engine builds come into play.

An engine build can increase the power output of the engine, improve its reliability or make its function more efficient. In some cases, it can do all three. Depending on what you’d like to focus on for your rebuild, the technicians at your performance car center in Santa Rosa, CA can tweak the components to redesign your engine to deliver the performance you desire.

Performance Balance

The key to the best engine build is to strike the best balance possible among the three essentials: reliability, performance and cost. For example, you can increase your horsepower to the maximum, but you might end up paying more than you want to for ongoing maintenance and fuel costs. Experts at a performance car center in Santa Rosa, CA can help you make the best choices to achieve a good balance.

Potential options for your engine build include custom crankshafts, custom rods and pistons and modified cylinder heads, among other choices. Quality components can increase horsepower, extend the life of your engine and improve fuel economy.

Performance Test

If you complete an engine build at a performance car center in Santa Rosa, CA, you should properly break in the new engine. Your technicians can help you with this process. For best results, the breaking-in procedures should include the following steps:

  • Oil: Fill the engine with oil, remove the spark plugs, pull the ignition fuse and run the engine for 15 seconds. Check the oil pressure while cranking the engine.
  • Leaks: Start the vehicle and let it warm up. Then, check for coolant, fuel and oil leaks. Also check the radiator fan for proper functioning.
  • Re-oil: After one complete heat cycle, you should drain the initial oil. Check for any debris in the filter, as this could indicate improper assembly. Refill the engine with quality oil recommended by your performance car center in Santa Rosa, CA. Then, check for leaks or other issues the first couple of times you run the vehicle after this point.

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