CAN Bus in Automotive Applications

CAN Bus in Automotive Applications

June 19, 2019

The car area network (CAN) bus protocol is a unique electronic messaging application that’s used extensively in most modern cars. The CAN bus protocol allows the different computerized elements of the vehicle to communicate with one another.

Modern cars may have as many as 70 separate computers that are responsible for controlling everything from the engine’s mixture of fuel and air to the rate at which your air conditioning blows.

The CAN bus protocol helps these various computerized elements communicate with each other, simultaneously, without overloading the car’s central computer. The CAN bus protocol is largely what makes modern cars possible as we know them.

CAN bus, first introduced in the 1980s, is now virtually ubiquitous in most vehicles. It’s essential to possess a thorough knowledge about CAN bus to safely and correctly perform car maintenance in Santa Rosa, CA. Additionally, CAN bus issues are at the heart of many electronic problems with cars. For these reasons, it’s important to know about the ways that your car’s CAN bus system may impact your import car repair in Santa Rosa, CA.

Here are just a few of the functions that your car’s CAN bus system may affect:

  • Dash systems: Your dashboard provides you with vital controls and readings that inform the way you operate your car. If your dashboard’s controls and meters aren’t conversing with other computers in your car, you’re at serious risk of accident and injury.
  • ECUs: The engine control unit (ECU) is an essential part of your vehicle that regulates the engine’s operations. It relies on input from sensors and computers from around your vehicle to optimize the fuel-to-air mix and other aspects of motor functionality.
  • Transmission: If you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission, your car’s ability to automatically shift depends on the functionality of your CAN bus system. If the transmission computer isn’t connecting correctly, you won’t be able to drive safely.
  • Traction control: Your car likely has some type of traction control system that optimizes the way your car moves along the road to improve safety and efficiency. The CAN bus system provides the traction control system with valuable and essential input.
  • Stereo systems: While it’s nowhere near as important as some of the other functions that your car’s CAN bus system is responsible for, it’s still nice to have a working stereo system while you’re driving your car.

If you’re replacing or working on one of the many computerized elements in your car, you should be aware of the fact that your replacement parts may not be fully compatible with your car’s CAN bus system. That’s why it’s so important to work exclusively with highly qualified car care experts.

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