The Power of Air Density Briefly Explained

The Power of Air Density Briefly Explained

April 15, 2019

It’s popularly thought that the most significant factor in engine performance is whether the vehicle has a V8 or a certain number of horsepower. One commonly overlooked factor is air density, which is crucial to generating engine power. The fact is that big turbos, high lift cams and large head ports are only able to maximize the airflow at the point when air volume is highest. This is an idea that racing drivers are familiar with because they need to ensure that their vehicle’s engine is performing at its peak level.

If you’re looking to push your car to the limit by investing in a performance engine in Santa Rosa, CA, learning about the power of air density is a good place to start. Here’s why this is an important component to deliver maximum performance.

Control the flow

The basic premise of a combustion engine is that a fuel that produces a significant amount of energy—gasoline—is placed in a cylinder and, when ignited, creates an explosion. The idea behind controlling air density is that you want to make the explosion efficient and powerful.

This is done by controlling the amount of oxygen in the cylinder at the time of the explosion in a way that gets the most out of it. Too much fuel and it waters down the mix, leading to cooling, but not enough fuel will mean the explosion will be weaker.

Consequently, you have to know the amount of oxygen that’s in the air. Air is comprised of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, moisture and pollutant particles. The composition of the air depends on where you are combined with pressure in the atmosphere.

Control the flow

Air density is a term that refers to the weight of air in a cubic foot of volume compared to the same weight in standard conditions. When the weather warms, particles move around faster, leading to less oxygen. When you’re closer to sea level, strong atmospheric pressure means additional oxygen.

In other words, it’s necessary to respond to weather conditions to properly optimize engine performance. When it cools down, you may need to compensate by modifying the jetting to allow more fuel to enter. Maintaining exact calculations of the conditions and how to respond to them is essential.

The Choice for Performance Cars in Santa Rosa, CA

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