What Is Preventative Car Maintenance in Santa Rosa, CA?

What Is Preventative Car Maintenance in Santa Rosa, CA?

February 20, 2019

As a vehicle owner, you’ve probably heard the importance of preventative maintenance in helping to keep your vehicle operational for years to come. But what exactly is involved with preventative maintenance?

Here are some of the processes you should seek out when looking for preventative car maintenance, which can help you avoid the need for more intensive auto repair in Santa Rosa, CA.


The term “tune-up” doesn’t refer to a specific type of vehicle maintenance so much as it does a set of maintenance processes that are frequently used together. This generally involves replacing certain parts of the vehicle that have worn down over time with regular use. Thanks to advances in modern technology, a tune-up isn’t nearly significant as it once was—many parts of vehicles that once had to be replaced relatively frequently now hold up quite well over time. Really, the only components that must be tuned up are the spark plugs and filters (fuel, air and HVAC).

Oil changes

Most vehicles you’ll find on the market now use synthetic oil. Standard oil change intervals depend on driving style between the last change. Usually, you want to change your oil every 3000 miles or when the oil turns darker observed on the dip stick. You should make sure you get oil changes as needed, as old, dirty oil can be harmful for your car. Dirty filters also reduce your fuel economy. Part of preventative maintenance is focusing on doing what you can to improve your engine performance, which will, in turn, lengthen the engine’s useful life.


Your tires are what stand between your vehicle and the road, so you should be sure to keep on top of tire maintenance for your safety. You should regularly rotate and balance your tires to extend their lives. Wheel alignments are also beneficial for your tires, and can also prevent problems with other systems on your vehicle. If your tires are truly worn down, then you should be sure to replace them quickly so you do not drive around with balding tires.


There are some fluids in your vehicle that must be flushed and then replenished as part of standard preventative maintenance. Your coolant or antifreeze, for example, should always be kept at proper levels so you can keep the engine running at the correct temperature. Brake fluid should also be regularly flushed and changed to ensure the brakes work as designed. Transmission fluid should be flushed and changed at certain intervals—a properly maintained transmission should last as long as your vehicle does, and if it doesn’t, you can expect transmission repair to be extremely costly.

For more information about everything that’s involved with standard preventative car maintenance in Santa Rosa, CA, we encourage you to contact the team at Fine Line Imports with any questions you have.

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