!!! Rally Team Takes 2nd Place at Seed 9 Rally

!!! Rally Team Takes 2nd Place at Seed 9 Rally

December 20, 2012

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Will Hudson, the team owner and driver talks about Seed 9:

“Seed 9 is held about an hour outside of Las Vegas, NV in Jean. This is real desert racing with sand rough gravel and large dips and ruts. The rally took place over only one day with recce and rally on the same day.

Our competition was a Ford Raptor built for real off-road racing driven by Bill Holmes. On the first stage we took the lead with five seconds. Second stage he took back the lead by two seconds. the battle continued throughout the day. I was pushing really hard to keep the lead and before the last stage had an eight second lead. The last stage was super rough with a very large ditch thing that ran across the road. I hit this ditch not seeing it in tell it was too late. A front control arm got bent pushing the tire into the back of the wheel well making it very difficult to drive. We pushed hard knowing that there wasn’t much time separating us and Bill. At the end of the stage we found we had lost first by five seconds, a bummer but a very fun race indeed.”

This race was the last race that !!! Rally Team would race in the current 2003 Subaru WRX car.  The damage was beyond repair or at least from the cost:benefit stand point.  FLI is currently breaking down this car and installing all the parts on another 2003 Subaru WRX chassis which is being prepped with a new roll cage.  This car will serve as the practice car for the team, as the new main race car will be a 2007 Subaru STI chassis with lots of excellent parts, and state-of-the-art electronics.  Look for this car sometime in the 2013 race season, and campaigned with FLI along with the team in the 2014 race season.

Here are some pictures of the damage from Seed 9:

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