FLI Tuned / Sinister Performance built, 2008 Jeep SRT-8 Turbo, 553 wtq, 422 whp @ 7.5 psi

December 20, 2011

FLI or Fine Line Imports Tuned (CMR), Sinister Performance built, Jeep SRT8 turbocharged

This Jeep SRT8 has a long list of shops that originally built it, before it arrived at Sinister Performance who solved all the issues.  Sinister Performance is a Dodge speciality shop located two doors down from FLI.  We have established a great relationship over the years and Sinister is the premier Dodge performance and OEM shop in California.  Ian Moore, the owner of Sinister Performance is one of the best Dodge mechanics that we know.  I have seen some wild projects over there which all have left running well with customers happy.

This is Scott’s Sinister Edition SRT8 Grand Cherokee. This has a Custom Built Precision Turbo, ERL 426 Stroker Short Block, Tial MV-R Wastegate, custom 3.5″ Full exhaust and a  Paramount Transfer Case. It is putting out 501HP and 649 ft/lbs of torque to the flywheel!

FLI or Fine Line Imports Tuned (CMR), Sinister Performance built, Jeep SRT8 turbocharged 553 wtq and 422 whp on 7.5 psi of boost with 91 Octane fuel.

This project has been a 2 and a half year nightmare for Sinister Performance’s customer.  Spanning about 3 states and many, many hands in the mix with the vehicle, all with different reasons as to why it was having issues. Sinister Performance received the Jeep after having five different shops work on it prior. It had been mixed and matched together so many times it was hard to make any sense of any of the setup. so after hearing about Sinister Performance through the grapevine, Scott shipped it to them.  Scott, Sinister Performance and myself are very happy that he did.

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