SEMA 2011

SEMA 2011

October 31, 2011

This year FLI was in attendance at the 2011 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association) show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SEMA show is one of the largest specialty automotive product trade shows in the world. To put it simply, if you are into cars or anything automotive related, this is the place to be. For the second straight year Miles Hechtman lead tuner at FLI was asked to work the LINK engine management booth. On October 1st, Miles and I boarded a plane for “sin city”.

The SEMA show itself spans the entire Las Vegas convention center. Even with being there almost a week, and walking several miles each day, I do not think I saw everything there was to see. It truly is an endless parade of the most meticulously well-built and designed cars you will ever see in one place. From American muscle cars, to wild Japanese imports, and everything in between. If it has wheels, and is customizable, it can be found here.

Check out Miles’ favorite two cars at SEMA 2011, the 69 bagged black Cadillac with red interior, and the 69 fully custom Dodge Roadrunner.

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