2010 Stock GTR VS. 2012 Stock GTR

2010 Stock GTR VS. 2012 Stock GTR

July 18, 2011

FLI has a good customer who recently purchased a red 2012 Nissan GTR.  He brought it up to the shop for some dyno runs, and for us to check it out.  I think we can all agree that it is a beautiful, very powerful, comfortable, great-handling, well-balanced Japanese sports car.   All the dry carbon work is amazing, and you really do not realize how big the GTR is until you see one up-close and in-person.  Not only that, but the GTR Solid Red really pops!  This 2012 GTR was 100% stock, and made around 50 WTQ and 30 WHP ( 29 peak WTQ, 26 peak WHP) more than a 2010 100% stock GTR we had on the dyno a few years ago.  This is due to the boost level rising about 3 psi.   In stock trim, the 2012 GTR made 460 WHP and 436 WTQ!

2012 Nissan GTR dynoed at FLI or Fine Line Imports

Here are the dyno graphs to compare the 2012 GTR (temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit with 25% humidity in the dyno room) with max boost of 14 psi vs. the 2010 GTR (temperature was 65 degree’s Fahrenheit with 55% humidity in the dyno room) with max boost of 11 psi, both are in stock trim:

Congrats to our customer, and to Nissan for improving on a fantastic R35 platform.

All photos were taken by Bad Boy Troy.

Fine Line Imports