FLI Tunes in China / Hong Kong

FLI Tunes in China / Hong Kong

June 24, 2010

FLI is proud to announce a partnership with Merstartech (MST).  MST is a high performance automotive shop that specializes in Subaru’s, EVO’s and EURO cars located in Dong Guan, China which is about 1.5 hours away from Hong Kong.  FLI has been talking with MST for 6 months and plans to visit them often to dial in there customers cars using Link, ECPro and factory reflashing software (EURO cars).

It was a great trip with lots of stress and hard work but at the end it worked out.  China has a different culture then Hong Kong and the US but overall it was great.  I enjoy spending time with the MST crew and there customers, thank you for everything.


The first car was a 05 WRX full race car (using a Hydra 2.17 ECU) painted flat black with a wide body kit.  A short mod list is Cosworth sleeved stage 2 block with Cosworth billet crankshaft, Cosworth CNC head package with BC stage 3 camshafts, front mount intercooler, Rotated mount GT3071r turbo with external wastegate, external SARD fuel pressure regulator, AEM water/Methanol kit, Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, Bosch 044 motorsport (x 2) fuel pumps fitted to a external surge tank.  A full cage and Bride race seats with Alcon 6 piston monoblock (billet) and 4 piston Alcon rear monoblock (billet) brakes were also installed.

This car made 373 whp on 93 Octane fuel with around 19-20 psi of boost on a Dyno Dynamic’s Dyno.  This was a baseline, a full 8000 RPM redline and better fuel will be used to maximize power on the next trip.

The second car is a 07 WRX (Euro Spec) street car.  This car ran a Link G4 plug and play ECU (minor wiring required), Cosworth sleeved stage 2 block, stock crank, Cosworth 260 degree camshafts, SARD 650cc injectors, SARD adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, standard mount GT3076 with Tial 38mm external wastegate, front mount intercooler and AEM methanol injection system.  This car is also ran on 93 Octane fuel and made 337 whp on 18 psi of boost on the Dyno Dynamic’s Dyno.

This was a shop mini van which are very popular in China and Hong Kong.  They are mostly Toyota’s but there are Chinese manufactures as well.  MST’s van has a 1.o liter engine that has been turbocharged!  When we were going to dinner one night, I noticed a loud clanking sound from the engine.  “Whats that” I asked Sonny.  He replied by saying “it is a broken crankshaft”.  What?  I could not believe it.  Here are the pictures to prove it.  Check out the pictures of the complete engine torn down.

In summary, FLI is very excited and I look forward to my next trip to MST.  They have a clean shop and do good work.  Thank you once again for everything and I look forward in getting “Big Head’s” car dialed in with his ECPro powered 08 STI.

Also, thank you Heidi for showing me Hong Kong (your city), it was amazing, Gregory for the airport pick up / China Visa situation and Calvin for being yourself.  Next time Vincent better get me the “big fish” 🙂

For more info about MST visit here.

For more info on Racing Mix visit here (Thank you Wilson for the post).

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