Link G4 ECU Controls Dual-Stage Fuel Injection with Ease

Link G4 ECU Controls Dual-Stage Fuel Injection with Ease

February 24, 2010

Recently FLI completed a long-term 2006 Subaru STI project car which produces a solid 500+ wheel horsepower on our Mustang 500SE dyno, with E85 fuel.  This project is very special for a number of reasons, one of which is the dual-stage fuel injection system, which is controlled by the Link G4 plug and play stand alone ECU.

Link has done lots of research and development on how the ECU controls this injection.   Some key features on the Link secondary injection control are acceleration fuel, load axis (MAP, MGP or TPS – you can adjust the min and max load in a 2d window), RPM lockout, pulse width lockout, and most importantly latency or dead times values.  Link ECU calculates the total amount of fuel of all injectors by using a Secondary to Primary flow ratio which must be set before tuning.  Both sets of injectors are controlled by the main fuel table (Fuel Table 1 or Fuel Table 2), however, the percentage of the total fuel delivered by each injector set is controlled by the Secondary Injection Table.  All these windows allow custom fine tuning for the secondary injection system.

After I finished tuning the car, I could not tell  that there were eight fuel injectors!  This allows better driveability and fuel mileage for street driving, cold / hot starts, and cruising on the freeway.

FLI built this dual stage system with APS primary and secondary fuel rails (some customization needed), APS TGV deletes, custom distribution block with bracket, Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator with custom bracket, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, FLI custom fuel surge tank with mounting tray and all new larger -6 AN fuel lines.

Overall, FLI is impressed once again with Link ECU and their products.  FLI is extremely excited to offer this dual-stage injection service to any Subaru owner who is looking for a happy median with big power, fuel consumption, and driveability.  Please contact us for more info.

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