Flagship 001 Revamped-FLI RFMIC

Flagship 001 Revamped-FLI RFMIC

June 16, 2009

FLI Reverse Front Mount Intercooler Set up for FLI custom Rotated Mount GT30 kit Flagship 001

With this new, and aggressive, street-power package, FLI and the customer agreed that an RFMIC (reverse intake manifold front mount intercooler) setup is a must.  The FLI RFMIC will help in achieving the most amount of boost at the lowest rpm for better response. FLI has improved our RFMIC kit over the years, and we now include welded-on bracing brackets for tighter clearances, as well as better fitment.

This intercooler system started out as an APS DR725 front mount intercooler kit. This setup also uses a 2003 Subaru WRX intake manifold, ’03 WRX throttle body (cable), APS TGV deletes, and FLI’s own custom intercooler piping. The piping has brackets to bolt down, to eliminate any movement during high boost situations. The intake manifold, TGV deletes, and the intercooler piping have been powdercoated “Wrinkled Titanium Flat Grey”. FLI and the customer are very happy with the final product. Not only is the intercooler piping secure, and shortened by 3-4 feet in overall piping length, but the color adds to the cosmetic features of the car.

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