APS Single Turbo G35 Update: APS Extreme Fuel System-

APS Single Turbo G35 Update: APS Extreme Fuel System-

June 11, 2009

FLI or Fine Line Imports offers the APS Extreme 350Z/G35 Fuel System

APS Extreme Fuel System Addition-

With a lower compression engine combined with more boost, more fuel is needed to create the proper fuel map safely under all conditions. FLI did some market research and found that the APS Extreme Fuel System is more than adequate for this turbo system. The APS full Return Fuel System includes a replacement in-tank twin fuel pump with an anti-surge tank, billet fuel rails, twin fuel rail mounted 4 Bar fuel pressure regulators, and six high performance 880cc fuel injectors. The APS full return system allows for better fuel delivery compared to the factory VQ35 fuel system which shares the return and feed line from the stock in-tank fuel pump. The factory fuel system works well with a naturally aspirated engine, but not with forced induction. This APS fuel system comes with two heavy-duty fuel pressure regulators (one for each fuel rail) which creates a more balanced fuel delivery on this V6 engine.

The APS Extreme Fuel System is one of the most efficient and complete fuel systems FLI has seen for any car. This kit comes with all hardware needed for installation and detailed instructions.

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