APS Single Turbo G35 Update: FLI Custom-made downpipe using Turbonetics External Wastegate

June 11, 2009

FLI or Fine Line Imports APS Single Turbo Built G35 Project Car

FLI Custom External Tial Wastegate Downpipe-

FLI has made a custom 3.5 inch downpipe which uses a Tial 44mm external wastegate actuator to assure better boost control. The APS internal wastegate setup limits the boost pressure that can be run on this turbo kit because the internal spring can only control up to 4-6 psi properly. Now with lower compression, it is important to be able to control boost up to around 15 psi. This custom FLI downpipe bolts up to the APS single turbo, and to the customer’s 2.75 inch cat-back exhaust system. This was tricky and took some time, but it was well worth it. The APS internal wastegate actuator flapper is actually part of the downpipe itself. FLI made a new downpipe which bolts to the turbo directly with our own custom-cut flange. This flange was custom because it is an APS design.

As you can see by the pictures, the large external wastegate sits further down the exhaust system due to lack of room under the car. The wastegate also dumps excess boost back in the exhaust system to minimize the noise.

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