UPDATE! 448WHP! “Recipe for Power” GT35R 06 STI

UPDATE! 448WHP! “Recipe for Power” GT35R 06 STI

October 10, 2008

This 2006 STI is a very special project. Achieving 424 whp on 91 Octane fuel is very impressive from FLI’s custom rotated mount GT35 turbo kit, FLI Stage 3 closed deck block, FLI Stage 3 head package, Cosworth 264 degree camshafts and FLI’s custom reverse intake manifold front mount intercooler (RFMIC) setup using a Legacy GT plastic manifold. To control this power, a Hydra 2.5 EMS was installed. Keep in mind it was not that cold in the dyno room that day (424 whp) so this is on the low end of what this street monster is capable of.

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UPDATE! This STI has produced the ideal torque curve for any driving style. Usually when making 450 whp, you have lots of turbo lag. That is not the case with this project. The owner of this project has decided to run an Aquamist HFS-5 Methanol/Water injection kit and 100 Octane race fuel only. Check closely on the torque curve. Compare this torque curve to most other big power Subaru cars and you will see why FLI is so excited. When comparing dyno graphs, remember numbers are just numbers and curves are curves. This combination makes 400 wtq and 448 whp whether it is 95 degrees (105 IAT’s) or 75 degrees (65 IAT’s) in FLI’s dyno room! Here is the dyno graph comparing the 91 Octane no Meth Cold Map vs. the Hot Meth and 100 Octane map.

This dyno graph shows this STI making 400 wtq and 448 whp whether it is 95 degrees (105 IAT’s) or 75 degrees (65 IAT’s) in FLI’s dyno room!  For more info on the Power of Air Density visit here.  It is really interesting..

Oh yeah, this is only on 22 MAX PSI of boost! This fuel system can only support up to 23-23.5 psi of boost at this time. Check back soon for an upgraded fuel system that can support 25-27 psi of boost with this set up and FLI might have a new AWD dyno record!

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