Link G3 Plug in for EVO 9 MR

Link G3 Plug in for EVO 9 MR

August 6, 2008

FLI chose the Link G3 plug and play stand alone engine management system to control the Apexi IHI RX6-b powered 2006 EVO MR project because of overall reliability and tuning capabilities. Key features are gear dependent boost (you map boost for each gear-6 speed), lots of cold start menus, dual fuel, timing and boost maps (activated by a mechanical switch), 7 bar map sensor, intelligent knock control and overall ECU speeds that out perform most of the competitors on the market. Read more about it here.

Power improvements were 378 hp and 330 tq to the wheels on 91 Octane fuel with 22 psi of boost. Stock readings were 228 whp and 223 wtq. To read the full article, visit here.

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