Limitations of the Factory Subaru turbocharged ECU

Limitations of the Factory Subaru turbocharged ECU

August 7, 2008

Technology has revolutionized today’s world in many ways and auto manufacturers are using this technology in their cars’ electronic control units (“ECU”), which basically function as the brain of a car. These new powerful ECUs have many built in features for monitoring, adjusting and controlling fuel, spark and air at a rapid rate. This helps a car adjust to sudden or gradual changes in humidity, barometric pressure, ambient air temperature or fuel quality.

Think of an engine as a big air pump. The amount of air/fuel mixture (or charge) you can move in and out of an engine is called Volumetric Efficiency (VE). Since an engine’s VE is a static number (the maximum air/fuel charge an engine can produce), the goal is to try to achieve that maximum air/fuel charge, which will in turn produce more power. This is where powerful ECUs come into play. These “brains” have the ability to control and adjust fuel, spark and air (if equipped with a turbo) at a very rapid rate. How do you know which package makes the most power in the band you want? Experience. However, even with experience, each shop will have their own opinions about what will work best for your car. READ MORE HERE.

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